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The Results of our First Hidden Egg Contest!

Well, it took a couple of weeks, but we finally have a winner! Actually, four of you managed to find it this week, but of course, only one can be the winner!

Going from the top down, it's Aileen, ChrisII, Graham, and Matthew on the bottom (Sorry we couldn't find a Viking Helmet). Only Aileen will be making a cameo appearance, but we figured this was a decent consolation prize for the others.

By the way, for those of you who never found it, take that webpage link to our animated sneak preview at the top of this page. Notice, if you will, that the page's name is Coming.html, but the animated gif's file name is Coming2.gif; take the 2 out of that file name to see an early failed attempt at making our first animated gif. For those of you who didn't find it, better luck next time!

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Other Stuff:

Here's where we put some of the cool extra stuff for you to use for... well, whatever you want to use it for.
8-Bit Wallpaper #1: Our rendition of the famous plumber.
New! Tile Version #1: In case you just can't get enough of him.
8-Bit Wallpaper #2: The hero of Kung Fu... now 30 STORIES TALL!! Take that, Mr. X!
New! Tile Version #2: Of course, 30 Thomases would also be tough to beat...
New! 8-Bit Wallpaper #3: The big N wasn't the only company making awesome games back then.
New! Tile Version #3: Our current wallpaper, because we're that Metal.
Christmas BXB Wallpaper: Or just red and green wallpaper. Your pick.
The Original Home Page Image: 'cause you know that car is HOT.
Home Page Image, Christmas 2005: Our first Christmas. In the mountains. For no reason.
New Years! Home Page Image that is.
Home Page Image, February 2006: A Valentine's special. Sort of.
Home Page Image, March 2006: I'll give you one guess what this month's picture is related to.
Home Page Image, April 2006: That is a REALLY BIG egg.
Home Page Image, May 2006: My Mom reads BXB. Shouldn't yours?
Home Page Image, June 2006: Admittedly, the comic does need more minions. And sheriffs.
Home Page Image, July 2006: A friendly reminder for celebrating the Fourth.
Home Page Image, August 2006: After this month, all of the months this year have major holidays.
Home Page Image, September 2006: Labor Day, another fun day for ruining your hands via fiery contraptions (if you're operating the grill).
Home Page Image, October 2006: Our first Halloween Costume Contest. I still think he looks more like Charlie Palmer...
Home Page Image, November 2006: That'll teach him to mess with dimensional portals.
Home Page Image, December 2006: Our resident firefighter brings you a holiday safety reminder.
Home Page Image, January 2007: I wonder if this guy will show up in the comics... nah...
Home Page Image, February 2007: Or for that matter, Heathcliff or Felix.
Home Page Image, March 2007: Wow... and I thought I was lazy.
Home Page Image, April 2007: Don't leave small, furry animals around #1.
Home Page Image, May 2007: But if a civil service person tells it, is it ok?
Home Page Image, June 2007: Maybe we could start making up holidays.
Home Page Image, July 2007: A good way to keep all your fingers: don't be like Larry. Have you seen his hands?
Home Page Image, August 2007: You heard the robot.
Home Page Image, September 2007: Can you really appreciate Labor Day if you never actually do any labor?
Home Page Image, October 2007: If you can think of a holiday that goes with this picture, I'm not sure I want to know what it is.
Home Page Image, November 2007: Not him, that's for sure.
Home Page Image, December 2007: I think the text on this one pretty much says it all.
Home Page Image, January 2008: Out with the old, in with the less smelly.
Home Page Image, February 2008: I sure hope he doesn't mean me either.
Home Page Image, March 2008: You know, I never liked the cereal.
Home Page Image, April 2008: Some months are just easier than others.
Home Page Image, May 2008: This is the kind of pun that I usually come up with.
Home Page Image, June 2008: I miss having three months of vacation... except that I usually worked through those too...
Home Page Image, July 2008: Is it even possible to be patriotic when you don't have an actual country?
Home Page Image, August 2008: I guess when you don't have a job, every day IS Labor Day, but...
Home Page Image, September 2008: ...it's still no excuse, heh.
Home Page Image, October 2008: Just for that, he's not getting any bags of Cool Whip.
Home Page Image, November 2008: If you think that's bad, you should see the cranberry sauce.
Home Page Image, December 2008: Anyone who doesn't like orange jumpsuits should get a lump of coal.
Banner Image: Putting this on your web page makes it no less than seven times more awesome than before!
More stuff to come soon...