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Christmas Special: The Results of the BEST E-MAILER/LINKER EVER contest!!!

Chris here, to present the winners of our first ever BEST E-MAILER/LINKER EVER contest!!! Errm, yeah. Here we go... As it turns out, we have TWO winners. First, the winner of our BEST E-MAILER contest wrote us with this:

Oh wow, I can't believe I'm emailing the BxB guys. I just love your comic so \
much. Its amazing...its even better than cranberries in salads. Gosh I just \
cannot believe the capers Chris, Beau, and that new hot guy Steven get into. \
Speaking of that Steven guy, he is sooooooooooooo dreamy. He should be featured \
more. Everyone knows he is the brains of the three. Also you should change \
that shirt he is wearing. It makes him look like his grandfather. Next thing \
he's going to be wearing dungarees. Wow great job on the comic guys.

Your secret admirer

To be honest, I really have no idea who could have possibly written this *COUGH COUGH*, nor do I know what's up with all those \s... Come to think of it though, putting Steven in dungarees is a great idea. He wears them all the time in real life anyway; I'll have to have Beau look into updating his outfit soon.

Anyways, as the first person to send us an e-mail (and an obvious fan of the comic, albeit slightly creepy obsession over Steven), "Your Secret Admirer" wins the BEST E-MAILER EVER award... however... Because there's no link in the e-mail, I cannot award him?/her? the BEST LINKER EVER award. That award goes to Aileen, who wrote us with this:

Hi, guys!

I am a super-cool first emailer, right? I like your eggnog tree. Merry
holidays, and all that.

Shameless plug, no comics, but...: http://www.chiideki.com


Well, Aileen, unfortunately the BEST E-MAILER EVER position got snatched up, but what they hey, it's Christmas, I'll hook you up with a SUPER-COOL E-MAILER award all the same, and what's even better, you DO win the BEST LINKER EVER award! Also, the tree is supposed to have, erm, candles on it... but you know, an eggnog tree is also a great idea. If it wasn't obvious from the picture, I am all about some eggnog; combining that with the already awesome idea of a Christmas tree? Sheer brilliance. I might have to make one of those next year...
Anyways, as the winner of our BEST LINKER AWARD, I'm going to go ahead and put your website on our links page. And to think all you had to do was send us an e-mail (*COUGH COUGH TO EVERYONE READING*).... Congrats!

(For those of you who are keeping track from the main page, yes, we got TWO e-mails this week. All who did not e-mail, bow your heads in shame.)

(Steven doesn't really wear dungarees, heheh.)