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Some Nifty Places to Check Out
Another Lego Comic: Order of the Brick
Chris' Favorite Comics:
Kid Radd (Archive)
Captain SNES: The Game Masta

Beau's Favorite Websites:
The Avalon Hill Home Page

Other Cool Places to Visit
Waterous Wonderfalls: Justin's website is currently under construction, but keep an eye out for when it's ready! This guy's made some serious efforts at winning the Egg Contest, so we figured as a reward for his hard work we'd put a link to his website here.

ChiiDeki.com: ChiiDeki belongs to Aileen, winner of our BEST LINKER EVER award. Not only does she read BXB, which raises you 20 points on anyone's cool-ometer, she also attends the BEST UNIVERSITY EVER, NCSU! WOLFPACK REPRESENT! So yeah, check out her website.

aldersgate: If you check out this band's crew, you might notice that some of the band members are named Steven and Chris. You might also note that two of the characters in the comic have those names. This is not coincidental.
The Fantasy Powers League: Create your own superheroes and villains, see how they stack up against other people's creations, vote for who you think is the best! A fun exercise in creativity and strategy.

Want us to link to you? Send us an e-mail (Have we mentioned that we like e-mails?) and we'll check out your site. If we like it, we'll probably link it. Seeing our banner image on your page will definitely impress us, but so will things like not being a porn site, or a site that contains excessive profanity, or illegal material. That's just bad kosher.