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Sunday February 15, 2009

So, it's been two months. I know that's quite a long time. Times have been tough lately and work has been hard. To any of you out there who are still reading the comic I thank you for toughing out the wait. I promise I'll try and do my best to stay with it and keep getting these things made. It's been a hard couple of months and it looks like it's going to get harder in the months to come. I just hope to put my head down and muscle through it.

It's the first update of the new year! Hope you all had a good Christmas, New Years', and other assorted holidays. For those of you who haven't seen the site before this update, it's still active, just occasionally, so check out the archives, drop in on the forum, and check back every so often for new updates.
Note: If you signed up for the forum but are having trouble getting access, you can always drop me a line via AIM (my AIM screen name is posted on the forum with my posts). Or just drop me a line to say hello anyway, I've usually got it running most of the time even if I'm not around, so leave a message and I'll see it within a few hours (useful if we go a while without updating).

E-mail us at: This Address (without the part in CAPS, of course)
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